Our Aim

Next2metro is a user-friendly online service guide. Developed to assist users in searching for relevant, desired destinations near a Metro station(this portal presently caters only to Delhi). With this endeavor, Next2metro aims to empower the users to significantly cut-short the search time (e-time) to look for and reach a place around a particular Metro station, providing not just the relevant suggestions but also the route information and directions from the Metro station, saving precious time and money.

Our Mission & objective

Our Mission is to provide free, reliable and user-friendly information to the users so that they can reach their desired destinations in minimum possible time with precise route description and direction. A Metro city like Delhi, is posed with two big threats, pollution (carbon footprint) and traffic congestion. Recently New Delhi was even highlighted as the World's Most Polluted City. This portal is a humble effort towards our social responsibility to try to address these problems.

  • To help in reducing carbon footprint and pollution level in Delhi by promoting metro and other public transportation as effective mode[s] of alternative transportation.
  • To spread awareness about increasing traffic and its associated environmental and other hazards.
  • To help in traffic management by promoting travel via metro rail and other public transport, beginning with Delhi.
  • To reduce search time for the users and help save their valuable time and money by providing accurate location and directions.

About this release

Information content in this version are as follows;

  • We have released the information for all the stations falling on Yellow LineBlue LineGreen LineRed LineViolet Line & Rapid Metro Gurugram.
  • Route information comprises of randomly selected places which are closest or at a walk-able distance from a DMRC Metro station.
  • Places covered are within the distance range of 0 meters to 5 Kms [in case of schools, hospitals/clinics & other emergency services], from a given metro station.