Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the idea behind Next2Metro?
Next2Metro is a user-friendly online service guide. Developed to assist users in searching for relevant, desired destinations near a Metro station (this portal presently caters only to Delhi). With this endeavor, Next2Metro aims to empower the users to significantly cut-short the search time (e-time) to look for and reach a place around a particular Metro station, providing not just the relevant suggestions but also the route information and directions from the Metro station, saving precious time and money.

2. What are the destinations covered by Next2Metro?
Next2Metro covers all important institutions, establishments and public utilities like Schools, Banks, Hospitals, ATMs, Malls etc., near a particular Metro station. As of now we have over 3000+ such destinations.

3. What area does Next2Metro cover?
At present we cover areas adjacent to all Delhi Metro lines, e.g. Green Line, Yellow Line, Blue Line, Violet Line and Red Line.

4. How does one search for routes and places with Next2Metro?
Search can be done in the simplest way by going to the search box where you can type in either a Metro Station name or a destination name e.g. Jahangir Puri Metro Station, Canara Bank. When the typed keyword is a Metro station then all the possible entries near that station will be displayed as suggestion below the search box. When the keyword is the destination then, if that destination is present in our database, then it will show as a suggestion below the search box. Upon clicking on a suggestion the next page will have information about the Nearest Metro station of that destination along with detailed route to that destination from Metro station, address of destination, landmark and other info close to the destination and a customized map depicting the location of Metro station and that destination for better understanding of the route, if required.

5. How is it different from Google and other similar platforms?
Other platforms like Google that are currently providing similar services are mostly erroneous and lack preciseness of the route information needed by the Metro commuters. No such platform provides the information of Metro gate numbers to exit from, as of now. These apps/services consume more data and rely heavily on a hi-speed connection like 3G, 4G whereas Next2Metro is very swift and takes seconds to give the desired route information even on low speed connections. Next2Metro is not complex and ease of use is highest as compared to other platforms

6. What does route information contain?
Route information contains the exact gate number of the Metro station which needs to be used to reach the desired destination along with turn by turn navigation and public transport information, in case the distance is not walkable.

7. What if the suggested route isn't correct or not the best route for that destination?
Although we released the information after multiple levels of data cross checks and taken strict measures to ensure every destination on the portal has the best and most accurate route information available but in some rare event due to any unforeseen circumstance, if the route is found to be incorrect, then the user may report the same via the Report Abuse feature on the resulting page of that destination.

8. What other options are available pertaining to a destination on the portal?
Users can report shutdown of a destination, can send that route and other information regarding that destination on their email and also they can rate and review those destinations to help others.

9. How can I participate in the contests organised by Next2metro?
Contest participation terms and conditions:

  •  To participate in any contest organized by Next2metro, user must have next2metro android app installed.

  •  To participate in any contest organized by Next2metro, user must update the profile details from the app.

  •  To participate in any contest organized by Next2metro, user must possess the Unique ID sent by Next2metro on the registered email ID

  •  Users who have provided their valid details i.e. Mobile No./Email-id/Metro card no. are only eligible and may stand a chance to win the prizes

  •  Next2metro is/will not be responsible for any incorrect details updated by the user, due to which he/she may lose the chance to participate or to win the prize

  •  Winners will be selected only on the basis of defined participation guidelines.

  •  To get the successful recharge kindly provide a valid Mobile number